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It's all in the website mate: https://hakshop.com/products/wifi-pineapple


Gives you the nano itself with the default antennas.



Upgrade to the NANO Tactical edition for the most versatile, go-anywhere WiFi auditing companion.


Built specifically for the popular 5000mAh ANKER PowerCore battery (not included), the NANO Tactical includes a special USB adapter for a truly custom fit.


The purpose built EDC case houses with WiFi Pineapple NANO and optional battery inside its waterproof 600D PVC canvas shell and features an all purpose molle strap, quick release buckle, carabiner style clip, USB host cut-out and morale patch.


Includes a set of upgraded 90 degree 500mW antennas and a third radio (RT5370 mini USB WiFi adapter) for wireless Internet access and tethering.


I recommend the nano tactical. it used to come with the ANKER powercore for 150$ total but you can always get an alternative (maybe from amazon or aliexpress)

as for the range,i can't give you a number for the distance but its quite alright. you can always add your own antennas to boost the range or buy the improved ones Hak5 sell. 

If you are still confused, try watching an unboxing. Youtube is filled with those.

Best of Luck

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