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Nano as repeater


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I have a spare Nano, that is not being used, and as a result I want to see if I can use it as a wifi repeater/booster. After googeling and looking at the available modules, it looks like this is not possible out of the box. after a bit more googeling, I found this but unfortunately relayd is not available on the pinapple anymore. any idea on how i would go about this?


Thank you for any help

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1 hour ago, Oktoz said:

Did you get it to work? And if yes could you tell me how? I want to use it also for my tello 🙂

I did this recently while on holiday using my tetra but should be similar with nano but be aware the nano has limited range/power. The only WiFi was at a main building some distance away and the lodges had none. I used another wifi adapter (using a directional panel antenna) as wlan2 but you could also use wlan1 if you are not using PineAP. Connect to the weak AP using wlan1/wlan2 in client mode on the pineapple. Then use your wlan0 or wlan0-1 as your local AP.

Its already built into the pineapple and needs very little configuring.

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