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New Hack Tool Idea


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I just had a cool new idea for a pen testing tool. If hak 5 thinks it is a good idea they can build it. Would recommend creation of new WIFI NIC with a pot-switch to modulate the power going to the antenna on the circuit board. Is an exfiltration tool, utilized for creating a personal area network around one's desk, phone can connect. Would require vid/pid changing utility. If thought to be a good idea can build. Try to make it small like those thumbnail sized ones, or at least fairly trimmed down. obviously the pot switch changes the dimensions. I only condone white hat pen testing only. Thanks everybody.

Possibly also add push button for turning it on or off. Make the switch toggle the radio output to zero, not restart.

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Alteration on/off switch.
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The reason for this tool is to simulate someone exfiltrating data off a corporate network. The dial-able pot switch makes the signal lesser to a degree that you get a personal area network around your wifi nic. The wifi nic i have in mind is actually usb based, and only about the size of my thumbnail. People war-driving around the building to test security wouldn't even be able to see your network/ssid unless they were feet from you. I am surprised no-body has thought this up before. Your phone becomes the endpoint which communicates with the wifi NIC.


Furthermore I may have seen one of these in the wild. No-one really said anything, or suspected. I put two and two together months later after I had left the job. If anybody see's any wierd SSID's that are only in the general locale of a single desk, you now know they exist and how to report them.

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