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  1. It may or may not be him. There is a lot of work going into trying to break into "cloud" technology ( There is no cloud... it is just someone else's computer), especially Amazon. The only thing you can really do at this point is change all your passwords and from now on always use some sort of encryption when not on a "trusted" network.
  2. As for slide shows to use I am sure you can use topics that were discussed at DEFCON this year or past years. https://media.defcon.org/DEF CON 26/DEF CON 26 presentations/
  3. Have you considered the rolling secret key in the transmission of the signal? The original signal that you capture there is likely a secret key such as 123456788 and the next transmission that comes from the fob is 123456789. It is most likely not going to increment by one but if you capture a few different transmission you can see what bits change to identify the key and try to work out an algorithm for guessing the next key.
  4. I hope this helps you further you capabilities. Feel free to pm me if you need anything.
  5. Different services handle information differently. An exploit that is for one service will not be for another. read the last part of the -show info- It explains how the exploit works and you will gain a better understanding of how everything fits together. In the example of a buffer overflow exploit. If a service is available for an int (integer) and its address sits on memory location 100 and a buffer overflow is not checked for we can write data to memory that will overwrite the existing data on the stack all the way back to address 10 with the command to jump to our payload address or make a call to our dormant payload that is not yet in memory. A buffer overflow may exist for another service, but it will not have the same size of memory that needs to be overwritten and likely not the same data type of input. so the same exploit will not work for 2 services that have the same vulnerability. This is broken down to a very elementary level for easy understanding of the concept. If you would like to learn more about stuff like this I would suggest the book Hacking: The Art of Exploitation.
  6. Here you are loading a exploit that essentially tears up a service to allow remote access. next you are setting a payload that will cause a connection to be established between you and the victim machine as far as the port goes in your original post you were using port 45 and now have posted port 22 ssh. If this is a fresh spin up of windows your port should be 445.
  7. Your target is windows If you launch a Mac exploit on a windows machine it is 99.99% not going to work unless it is written in C and has the same exploit path as your general windows machine. When launching from metasploit your payload and exploit are target oriented. The only reason you would consider your own operating system is if you are using metasploit to stand up some services such as http(s) smtp DNS etc.
  8. Here is an web page about pipes https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/ipc/pipes and how what??
  9. For your particular type of machine you may have to change the pipe from BROWSER to SRVSVC. Also if you use the -show info- command it will tell you that it may cause the service to fail on subsequent attempts. If you try it once and it doesn't work, be sure to restart the service on the windows machine before you try again to make sure that the service hasn't crashed.
  10. hackthebox.eu is all about web exploitation. if you are looking for something more you can use somethings like lab.pentestit.ru
  11. With the information give not much can be said to help you. What kind of device is it or what OS is running on it? What exploit are you using and what versions does it work against? What version is the service that is running on the remote host? Is the service on the default port and if not have you designated the port that is being used by the remote device?
  12. I don't see any reason to do this for a "white hat" . This is not the best place to be asking how to conduct black hat campaigns. I program, so if you can let me know what you need it for I may be able to help you.
  13. I'm not sure I'm following the practicality of this tool. Are you saying to implant a new NIC in an office space Desktop?
  14. An neat idea for your project is to implement and email system when the cracking is done. If you look up your cell provider information you can send the cracked password as a text message to your phone. it will often look like [phonenumber]@[domain].com. Verizons I believe is vtext.com.
  15. I'm interested in the ability to make hardware and apply the desired software to it, whether it be home code or open-source. Does any one have resources that they themselves have used to obtain this skill? I will be posting my progress in this thread even if there are no replies.
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