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NANO always rebooting


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Hello Pineapple lovers :smile:,

It's been a while since I ordered my NANO but I got to really try it out since now. However, I am facing weird crashing/rebooting issues that completely prevent me from performing any (simple) attack. It seems that as soon as I start PineAP it becomes unstable and will crash on the next action (i.e. a single client connects to the rogue AP).

I first though it might be a power issue since I am living the USB-C dongle life and it is powered on two USB-A from a USB-C dongle adapter. However, I am facing the same issues when I'm running it from the Anker battery that came with the tactical pack.

Anybody already faced a similar issue? It's kind of useless as it is right now and I cannot rely on it for any real pentest mission.

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I found a workaround to my power issue but it is not elegant. Using the Y-USB cable that came with the Pineapple, I do not face any rebooting issue with I plug the main cable into the computer USB port and the second cable into the Anker power bank. It means I cannot use the NANO in mobile-mode using the Anker power bank only, which is kind of sad for the mobile version of the Pineapple :sad:.

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You need to make sure that your providing at least 5v2a to the nano otherwise it won't function properly and will reboot.  As for mobile all you need to do is connect to the management AP to controller it or throw up a hotspot from your phone and use a 3rd radio to connect to your phone 

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