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Wifi Client mode drops connection to connected Wifi

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To my knowledge, clients shouldn't be connected under 'wlan1mon' for internet connectivity. It should be under 'wlan2', unless you're running PineAP?


Also, with "mon" being on the end, the wlan is set to "monitor mode", which their won't be any internet connectivity. That's probably the cause of your issue. Disable monitor mode and connect via wlan2.

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5 hours ago, immortalsolitude said:

I don't see Wlan2 in wifi clinet mode its either wlan1 or wlan1mon if i choose wlan1 then i have to turn off the pineap as it interferes with it if thats turned off then client cant connect to the openssid broadcasted

Do you have a third radio plugged into the WiFi Pineapple? Without that, you can't use clientmode and pineap together.

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2 hours ago, immortalsolitude said:

No i just have 2 radios WAN0 is the radio on the right (closest to the female USB) and WAN1 is the radio on the left (closest to the male USB)

So i just flashed the Pineapple to factory default now i can atleast download the latest firmware but no other clients can connect to the broadcasted SSID I am using WLAN1 as it is the only one i can see under WiFi Client Mode if this is the used i cant use the PineAP how do i get the WLAN2 or WLAN0 to bind with the wireless network?

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