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Deauth Module help


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I've been trying to get the deauth module to work for me for a while now, I've done factory resets, and firmware recoveries. When I go into the module I set my settings in (Blacklist, the speed and channel I want) and put in the router I want into the Blacklist in editor, after I hit save for both fields I start the deauth on wlan0, once it starts up the output log just says

Mode : blacklist 
Channel : default 
Speed : 10 
Monitor : wlan0mon 
Interface : wlan0 
Starting Deauth...

It didn't put the channel I asked for, and sits on this for an infinite amount of time until I stop the module or restart the pineapple. What am I doing wrong?


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I think the module doesn't work properly with the latest firmware.

1. Log into the pineapple with ssh.

2. Create a text file with a blacklist of mac addresses one per line.

3. Make sure wlan1 is in monitor mode (red LED flashing.

4. Use the command "mdk3 wlan1mon d -b blacklist.txt -c

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@PixLThanks so much, this is working for me, I completely forgot that I could ssh and do it via terminal. Thanks lol.

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