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Hey all,

So, I am new to all of this and was wondering if anybody could help me find sort of reference guide to writing a vulnerability report, I am focusing specifically on testing web apps and websites. If there are templates, could you please direct me to the right place??

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Offsec has a sample pentest report on their site - https://www.offensive-security.com/reports/sample-penetration-testing-report.pdf

It's not however a template, but something to at least see how one company has theirs formatted. I think SANS may also have something on their site, but you'd have to google for it.

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ive always found it easy to do a scan with something like nessus and save the list of found vulns etc with a screen shot then go through each of the vulns creating screenshots for each saying what the vuln is, and any tests youve done against it again showing screenshots then put it all into a printed out booklet

another system you could try is dradis which is a framework for reporting

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