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Ordering a Tetra boost 2morrow - recommended access?


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Hey all,

1st off this forum has some fantastic info and advice. Thanks for sharing!

I am planning on ordering a tetra boost tomorrow and just thought I would ask if anyone found after buying one they wished at the same time they had ordered any accessory or other item at the same time. As I live in another country and paying extra for the fast postage, if there is any recommended accessories anyone might think is handy it would be better I order them now rather then having to make another order later on. So I thought I would ask before ordering.

At this point I am not planing on going mobile with it, so I was not so worried about getting the battery pack in the tactical version.


Thanks again for all the shared advice around here and I look forward to contributing in the future where I can.



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It pretty much has all you need. However, if you are interested in a longer stronger WiFi connection along with what comes with it ... get another of the Wifi dongles matching the one you get with the Boost and - Amplifiers for both from the HakShop.

A word of caution on the Boost.  The Wifi Dongle and its antenna uses RP-SMA connectors while the Tetra uses SMA.  These look the same at first.  The difference is whether the center pin of the connector is male or female.  The Wifi antenna for the dongle looks exactly the same except for the very similar antenna.  If you force connecting, you will break a connector.   So mark the dongle antenna or, what I do is store it in the case pointing the opposite direction from the Tetra ones.  If you mark it - don't use paint or tape that is metallic.

Here is the amplifier you will need two of course.


Another way to go is this:


Then just add an amplifier for the dongle on the Boost.

OR --- the Hak5 Bash Bunny or Squirrel is handy and fun.

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Thanks heaps for the recommendations Struthian its greatly appreciated. You got me thinking now and I am thinking maybe two of the amplifiers might be a good idea. When playing with kali with my usb wifi I have had low signal strength issues at times which can be frustrating.

So with this I would rather start off with added stronger wifi connections.

I was just reading and if I went with two of the  https://hakshop.com/collections/wireless-gear/products/long-range-wifi-kit  as you recommended, I could just buy the Tetra basic rather then the Tetra Boost yeh? As with that link it includes......

  • ALFA WiFi Amplifier
  • 5V, 1A USB Power Cable
  • RP-SMA 5 dBi Dipole Antenna

So I would not need the https://hakshop.com/collections/wireless-gear/products/ralink-rt3070-usb-wifi-adapter that comes with the Tetra Boost version would I? Or is two of those needed in conjunction with the Long Range WiFi Booster on the 1st link?

Thanks again for your input mate, I will hold on ordering for another day till I sort this out.


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Yes, I think it would be best if there are two amplifiers.  You are ordering the Boost, that's great.  Now order another amplifier (to go with the dongle in the boost) and then the other kit with dongle, amplifier and a couple of accessories.   

So - yes you need both ends amplified to get the full benefit of amplifying in normal use.  There are applications where the communications are just one way and may be the amplifier is not needed on the receiving end. In relation to the Tetra, you need two way.

With specialized antennas and with the antennas higher above the ground you can get some good range.  If you choose this kind of experiment, I recommend keeping the Radio cables short and use long USB cables.  Line of sight gives the very best results.  The Dongles which Hak5 provides have some extra capabilities not available in competing devices.  So - you have a nice set up to experiment and learn.    You mentioned you are not in the US - keep in mind that regulations for the use of radios vary in different countries.  


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