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  1. Thanks for the info, I will definitely be following your advice and grabbing one in the not to distant future. Like most of us its not funds I need really, its spare time lol I have my tetra and accessories arriving soon as its in transit :-) so I am going to need a few weeks to work all that new stuff out lol Once I'm on top of all that im am definitely keen and will be looking at getting one of these printers. That really surprised me how cheap they have become and the link you posted they sound great for the price. Thanks again for all the info and the links
  2. I just had a read up on your link you posted i8igmac, looks great and I was unaware the price had come down so far from when I saw 3d printers come out. Last time i asked in a shop they were still in the thousands for a basic looking unit. Prices like that I might have to treat myself later after my new order of gear comes from hak5 this week ;-) I am not bad on art design software, how did you go designing your own stuff on the software provided? Still pretty cool that you made your own pc case and antenna. I don't think I would know what to try and make first hahah
  3. looks pretty cool, did you need a large commercial style 3d printer to make it? I would like to get my hands on a 3d printer 1 day and have some fun :-) nice job!
  4. Hey, Just thought I would ask if anyone else that runs tails can open the forum using the Tor Network? When ever I try to open the forum it won't load and a error comes up. No big deal, I am just running another operating system to visit here and it loads fine. Just curious more than anything. Thanks
  5. Thanks heaps for the recommendations Struthian its greatly appreciated. You got me thinking now and I am thinking maybe two of the amplifiers might be a good idea. When playing with kali with my usb wifi I have had low signal strength issues at times which can be frustrating. So with this I would rather start off with added stronger wifi connections. I was just reading and if I went with two of the https://hakshop.com/collections/wireless-gear/products/long-range-wifi-kit as you recommended, I could just buy the Tetra basic rather then the Tetra Boost yeh? As with that link it incl
  6. Hey all, 1st off this forum has some fantastic info and advice. Thanks for sharing! I am planning on ordering a tetra boost tomorrow and just thought I would ask if anyone found after buying one they wished at the same time they had ordered any accessory or other item at the same time. As I live in another country and paying extra for the fast postage, if there is any recommended accessories anyone might think is handy it would be better I order them now rather then having to make another order later on. So I thought I would ask before ordering. At this point I am not planing on
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