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Powerful Antenna that works with the Wifi Pineapple


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46 minutes ago, confuscious1080 said:

Was thinking of getting 5.8GHz 16dBi Outdoor Directional Yagi Antenna With N-Female For Signal Booster from China lol

Will it fit on the Wifi Pineapple though and would it melt it.... lol

As you posted in the Pineapple MKV section im going to say its not comparable with 5.8ghz. But as long as the 2.4ghz antenna can take a couple of watts or more it will be fine. Just make sure you use proper connectors/adapters to connect it all up.

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I use those on my nano sometimes, good antenna as its nice to sometimes have directional in a compact size.

Also worth checking out turbotenna on ebay, they do a 16dbi compact yagi and a 18dbi cantenna. both pretty decent antenna.

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