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Another quick payload idea

Dave-ee Jones

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So, first off we must start with the most important part of the payload: The title. What is it? PocketPacket.

I'm sure that already gives you an idea of what the payload might be. Trust me, it's really simple and easy. It's exactly what the title suggests: a packet generator in your pocket.
This payload could allow you to generate any kind of packet to distribute across a network. Plug, play and watch the chaos. The packets could be pretty much anything. You could potentially turn it into a WiFi killer (deauth) by plugging in a WiFi adapter and sending deauth packets everywhere.

The details of the generated packets could be changed by either using:

  1. LED system: Swap which packet will be generated by pressing the button to scroll through them (each LED colour/pattern represents a different type of packet)
  2. Web server: Webpage that allows you to specify details of the packet/s

I like both options but the web server one means you have to plug it in and remotely generate packets later. Could be useful, could be annoying.

Anyway, this is another idea I thought I should share. Feel free to make a payload based on this. :)

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I like this idea, particularly a Packet Squirrel with a USB WiFi nubbin plugged into it and set to monitor mode..... then as you say you could have mdk3 installed as well as the aircrack suite and deauth. All could be controlled remotely over the WAN on whatever the packet squirrel is plugged into.


We need to investigate the OpenWRT tutorials on getting wifi working.

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