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No WiFi Networks Kali


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Good day experts,.

I am testing a  WiFi Adapter that i bought from the HakShop on Kali VMware for my pentesting class.  I have noticed the adapter works fine with Windows 10 as i am able to view wireless networks and connect to them. In my Kali VM i am able to add the USB adapter fine unfortunately, it does not discover any available networks. Any suggestions that can cause this. Thanks

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depends on what you are using, but generally, clicking the icon on the toolbar(in Gnome) will allow you to list them and enable/disable the wifi. If you're not using Gnome and using a lighter desktop manager, then I would just install wicd when I want to add AP's without having to scan manually for them. If you're not familiar with using things like wpa supplicant and manually adding connections from the command line, try wicd. Works in Gnome too, but shouldn't have to fiddle too much with Gnome, most cards work if they are supported.

apt install wicd

If you need help with wicd, just google it. Pretty straight forward. You will have to kill wicd if you want to put your card in monitor mode though, it can interfere with tools like aircrack, but airmon-ng check kill will help with that usually.

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