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all LEDs are on on boot


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When I plug my wifi pineapple tetra in (using the supplied power cable)  all of the LEDs are on. There is no blinking. I tried to reflash the firmware, but when I follow the instructions on the FAQ page, all LEDs are on (not just the yellow one).


I have had my pineapple for a while now, and it used to work fine.

All help is greatly appreciated.


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45 minutes ago, luke-spademan said:

All help is greatly appreciated.

Would be useful to know: -

     How its physically connected up (power and data)

     OS being used

      what you were doing when the problem started

When you power the tetra up with the button pressed the tetra should boot into recovery mode where the tetras IP changes to and your host that will upload the firmware file wll need to be manually adjusted to use a address. It can also be an issue if your home router is already so sometimes its necisary to disconnect from your home router first, but after already downloading the factory firmware :)

Maybe if you have time you can join the IRC channel #hak5 or #pineapple @ irc.hak5.org/6697 using SSL im online a fair amount of the time and can talk to you live while you attempt it if you like.

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