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DIY-Squirrel, but even more tiny?


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I recently seen the PacketSquirrel and just thought this is cool hardware. But, this is still in a formfactor that's still attention-drawing, especially if it hangs from a wall-outlet.
I thought about the size of a generic USB-stick or the first Chromecast-Stick... something that got a Battery (or USB-powered, using a Powerbank) a RJ45-plug to connect directly
to ethernet-ports and a USB-port or SD-slot to dump data while still having it's own Bluetooth or Wifi-adapter to allow wireless access from within range. 

Best I found yet was a stripped down USB-Ethernet-adapter soldered to a Pi Zero. Couldn't figure out how to solve the MAC-change and buttonclick though.

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How is a small, black 'POE-injector'-lookin' gadget more suspicious than a far-more-widely-known RPi that is basically a circuit board (what's not suspicious about that?) sitting on an AP?

Most APs use PoE for a power source, and a PoE injector is completely normal in this case. A circuit board with a weird USB sticking out of the AP? Now that's sus.

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