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  1. @chaosupdates Ist euer PDF oder mein Adobe Acrobat kaputt? :) Oder ist das jetzt die neue Papier-Krypto? ;) https://t.co/zkEqkxkeCY

  2. Interesting find https://t.co/AMmcJnpqjF

  3. Ich frage mich ob in diesem Leben @unitymedia noch mal einen funktionierenden Netzzugang anbietet oder ob erst der… https://t.co/IajLAcettF

  4. Okay, I feel dumb here: I have an ethernet-IP-cam and the only source for internet-access is a open Wifi-hotspot since the telephone-company thinks that area is a tiny town and nfortunately the DSL-connection there is total rubbish, not even near 2MBit downstream (~500kbit up is not even enough for sending emails...). As far as I understand it, if I connect the IP-cam over ethernet to the Pineapple V I can connect to the internal wifi-router to get access to the cam's webitnerface. BUT: How can I connect it to the open hotspot AND connect to the webcam? The hotspot-router doesn't allow access to the local IPs of the WLAN. Another prob is, that hotspot has a captive portal with a "click here to accept our terms" button AND the router disconnects the netaccess after 200MB/day per MAC-adress (I guess). Did anyone had to deal with something similar?
  5. @JonWolberg @SpaceX any idea if they stream that too? As far as I see it they stopped streaming before ignition....

  6. @startrekcbs @StarTrek Hooray, another sothought main-character killed TOTALLY UNFORSEEABLE.... uhm... this Trek-se… https://t.co/dn7dH0uPhR

  7. @James_Howlett @AVM_DE Aber nicht einmal die Hotline kennt sich mit ihrer eigenen Hardware aus und kann bei sicherh… https://t.co/XEpzyg3jOo

  8. Ob es @AVM_DE im Jahr 2017 noch einmal hinbekommt einen Faxtreiber zu programmieren der sich problemlos unter Win7… https://t.co/1oAnRTpP80

  9. @VancityReynolds Germany likes Deadpool, too. Just saying ;)

  10. @VancityReynolds Germany likes Deadpool, too. Just saying ;)

  11. @PM_Lehmann @postbank Scheinbar mag das Banking plötzlich nicht mehr, dass man Werbung blockt. Ublock-Origin blockt… https://t.co/Rq2qawkNAM

  12. @insta360 where does your Android-app store the image- and videofiles? Can't find them anywhere on my phone.

  13. Hi, I recently seen the PacketSquirrel and just thought this is cool hardware. But, this is still in a formfactor that's still attention-drawing, especially if it hangs from a wall-outlet. I thought about the size of a generic USB-stick or the first Chromecast-Stick... something that got a Battery (or USB-powered, using a Powerbank) a RJ45-plug to connect directly to ethernet-ports and a USB-port or SD-slot to dump data while still having it's own Bluetooth or Wifi-adapter to allow wireless access from within range. Best I found yet was a stripped down USB-Ethernet-adapter soldered to a Pi Zero. Couldn't figure out how to solve the MAC-change and buttonclick though.
  14. Hi, I have a project which needs internet-access and the only avaible connection with enough bandwidth is a open hotspot that is within range. The problem is: it disconnects after 200MB/day for each MAC-adress and you have to press a button on their captive-portal before you can connect to anything else. Did anyone got a solution for this already? Some Auto-MAC-changer + autoclicker/-postscript? Connections would come over either Ethernet or Wifi. Additional Wifi-adapters are avaible, too if needed.
  15. @fdp @c_lindner Ist wohl wie mit der AfD, wenn die FDP an der Regierung beteiligt wäre, müsste sie liefern. Mehr al… https://t.co/GFjFz4tOTo

  16. @RobertPicardo The Doctor with hair! :)

  17. @ZappMM @BdzvPresse @ARDde @ZDF @DLF @uebermedien @daniel_bouhs Verlage die ihre Geschäftsmodelle nicht anpassen kö… https://t.co/Hjn7nzEW6g

  18. @GameStopDACH Aber keine Sorge, spätestens nach der Nummer im Laden _und_ dem Debakel hier auf Twitter kauf ich nic… https://t.co/HRSGLPXp0K

  19. @GameStopDACH Also ich denke er war mir Telefonieren & Kassezählen so beschäftigt, dass er nicht mal hinter die Theke gucken wollte.

  20. @LHTechnik ist schon ein Starttermin für die Onlineprüfung zwecks "Drohnenführerschein" bekannt? Werden die Kosten das Hobby beenden? ?

  21. @Kohls man, you really shouldn't rely on Twitter-bots.......

  22. @SamVartholomeos @startrekcbs get ready for the CBS-lawsuits?

  23. @MokshaDolphin https://t.co/V4gbU5xIjh :D

  24. @MokshaDolphin what is a weegie wanker? I feel so sorry to ask :P

  25. @lestbutnotleast verkappte Nazis und/oder einfach Idioten. Leute mit Internet sollten fähig sein die Hitlerrhetorik zu erkennen.

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