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Spoofing SSIDs with WPA2 enabled?


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Sorry if this is a question that doesn't belong here or one that has been answered. I've been searching quite a bit and I can't seem to find anything that fits my question. If this has been answered before, please direct me to the appropriate area, as I'm new here.

I have a Pineapple Tetra device running 1.1.2 and am configuring it through the web interface over it's wireless management SSID. 

We have a slightly different use for the device than what I'm seeing here on the forums. We regularly run closed loop networks with multiple APs on them as targets in order to train our operators on exploiting them. To try and throw them off their path a little, we like to inject a pineapple WiFi device to broadcast out multiple fake SSIDs so they have troubles finding the real targets. The operators have figured out that if the SSID shows as Open, then it most likely is a false positive and they skip on to the next.

I tried looking through the setup, but is there any way to create a large list (say 50) of fake SSIDs that I can configure with WPA2 or some type of password encrypted connection so they look more like real connections? I can create said 50 SSIDs, but they all show as open networks. 

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11 minutes ago, Davedough said:

we like to inject a pineapple WiFi device to broadcast out multiple fake SSID

I think occupineapple would help you there.

Only thing is if they are all coming from one pineapple they will have similar if not identical signal strength.

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