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wamp or lamp


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I want to put up a server to host my personal web page, ftp server for files and such and to practice my web programming with php and mysql. Would a Windows XP box with all updates be safe or should I use Linux. I've tried Linux and don't have much luck with it. I won't have a hardware firewall (unless I really need it). What's going to be the easiest route for me to get up and running?



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WAMP, LAMP, FAMP, MAMP... its all pretty much the same if your just hosting a few bits for yourself. Personally I quite like FreeBSD and Windows 2K3, both have been perfect server OS's and have proved stable. You just need to make sure everything is up to date, and that its got some kinda firewall on it. Look into XAMMP, I pimp this like crazy because it works.

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If you’re going to open it up to the world then at least go with Linux although I prefer OpenBSD. Windows has its place but that isn’t on web servers or anything that is open to the outside world if you can help it.

The easiest and most professional distro I have seen is CentOS, it’s very easy to set up for Apache, MySQL, PHP and proftpd, which should cover your needs.

Even if you are not planning to open it up to the world, you should learn how to use Linux sooner instead of latter as it is the operating system that’s running on most web servers.

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