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cant get module


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hellow ... i just got my lan turlte ... so excited to try this on ... 

i have downloaded putty , and connect to the turtle ... perfect 

i have tried to update it ... great .. no update .. turtle shell v3 ... 

next ... i wanted to update on my modules ... 

tried to click on configure.... nothing happen ... the pointer went back to "back" tried to confirgure ... no luck 


any idea what i must do ?




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33 minutes ago, StatiX said:

any idea what i must do ?

Humm check  internet connection/cable is plugged in and not loose. Try to exit out of turtle shell into ssh terminal and ping etc. - If you deffo have internet then I would double check everything over at https://www.hak5.org/gear/lan-turtle/docs If all that failed I would then try to manually install module manager again or worst case do a "manual upgrade" (firmware reflash).


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actually ... what happen is ... i messed up my module manager ( please dont ask me why... )

so i download a copy of master lan turtle from github:



and type this in my windows cmd : 

pscp modulemanager root@


ssh to the turtle ... and i manage to run the new module manager and update everything ... 



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