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Squirrel Vs Bunny


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Packet Squirrel works out of the box, RPi3 needs to be configured to work similar (but can still be configured to be similar).

Other than that, they could act the exact same if you wanted them to. RPi3 is more of a computer than the PS (can't really explain it any other way), but it can double as a desktop PC while also being nuts for networks, if you catch my drift (no one catches my drifts, usually because they're done in a car - and they aren't light).

If you're looking for the fun in tinkering and playing around (and extra modularity) go for RPi3 (also cheaper). If you want something made by Hak5, supported by Hak5 and works out of the box with community payloads, go with the PS.

Keep in mind that the RPi3 has an infinite amount of projects, so there are lots of communities backing it with their own projects and things that they share and give tutorials on.

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