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USB Powered Hub help


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So many moons ago I purchased the USB Power Hub via Hak5.  Does anyone remember it or have one? It looked like a little spider thingy. It had two USB A's on one end, one black one red.  Then on the other end it had a USB mini and several female USB A's.  Does anyone have a diagram on how this works or a pinout?  I haven't used it in forever and I'd like to use it again.  All I remember is there is a trick to using it and it has to do with the red plug.  I don't think the red plug is OTG but at this point I have no idea.  There may have been a hak5 video or two way back in the day as well that showed this off.  If you know which videos they are that would be cool too.  Thanks for the help.


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Not sure, but will this picture help?


I did some digging and am looking through old forum posts related to the USB hub..

Also, there are a lot of cheap ones around on eBay and Amazon that may be a bit more..straightforward. Maybe you should look at getting one of those?

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The one in the pic is what I have.  I do have a powered hub but would like to figure this one out since it's just laying around.  If anyone has any info on it that would be much appreciated.  Sadly I asked the hak5 store about it.  You know the place where I actually purchased it, and they couldn't even help.  Or even want to help...  Thanks.

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