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Does anyone use aIPSEC VPN for Nano's VPN?


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I've been using my Nano as a Travel router and tunneling through OpenVPN to my router at home. I've just spun up a IPSEC VPN with Algo on Digital Ocean and wanted to use this instead of OpenVPN. Does anyone know where I can find documentation for setting up the Nano to tunnel through IPSEC VPN?

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It's a modified version of OpenWRT.  I believe some people have tried to implement OpenWRT as a client to Algo servers and ran into some issues which may or may not have been resolved in forum posts on the Github page.  I see some linux-based OS's supported so you may be able to work something out.  I also see something about running a client script for Ansible, which can be ran on OpenWRT.  Looks like you'll need to do some digging.  Not really an easy answer.

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