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  1. Any chance of adding wireguard to the build? I've been trying to build wifipineapple-openwrt off of github but I keep getting a openssl header error (even though I've got it installed). I would love to have wireguard.
  2. I've been switching over to Wireguard as my VPN of choice. I would love to integrate this into the Nano. There is an opkg package available from OpenWRT but the Nano doesn't see it. Has anyone figured out how to install?
  3. did you ever figure out how to implement strongswan?
  4. I've been using my Nano as a Travel router and tunneling through OpenVPN to my router at home. I've just spun up a IPSEC VPN with Algo on Digital Ocean and wanted to use this instead of OpenVPN. Does anyone know where I can find documentation for setting up the Nano to tunnel through IPSEC VPN?
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