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Found 4 results

  1. hello all. I, being new to the fabulous world of pen testing am now looking into setting up a lab with something like xenserver, but have a few noob questions.. 1. if i set up a bunch of VMs on a xenserver and connect that server to my home network via an ethernet connection, can i actually attack those VMs from a real world linux machine on the same real network, or only from another virtual machine on the xenserver? 2. what are the best options hardware and price wise for the xen server? I was looking at the really cheap ($99) Kangaroo by intel.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883722001&cm_mmc=unlocked-_-article-_-kangaroopc-_-NA Idon't know if any of you have played with this little "pc." and I am wondering if you can actually ditch windows 10 on it and install xenserver. another option might be this little guy: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883254005 .. I know Darren and Shannon did a little diddy on using a nuc for xenserver, but being so uncertain about whether xenserver can do everything i want (see question 1), i really don't want to drop $600 (call me a cheapo, but i have spent a lot of money latly on this new little hobby) Thanks to anyone who cares to take the time to educate this noob. sincerely, onus
  2. I watched Hak5 1818 and 1819 a few weeks ago thinking it was the current Hak5 and I became obsessed. Being a noob, I immediately proceeded to build a home lab on a nuC6i7KYK, maxed ram and a 250gb drive. It took me about a week to brute force my education on XenServer and Xen Orchestra. I've got them both up and am running a few VM's. This is when I realized I have this awesome piece of hardware running a headless server. This is where I need some advice: Is it possible to build a front end on the nuc so I can utilize it as a daily desktop while keeping XenServer running under the hood or do I need to install a distro first then run XenServer on top? Don't get me wrong running a VM through console is pretty cool, it just I feel a little stupid buying a 4k monitor to look at XenServer's customize System menu.
  3. I watched episode 1819 recently. I would like to know how you discovered that the Intel NUC is compatible with Xenserver? ...The reason I ask is that the xenserver cpu comparability list indicates Xeon processors only. The Intel NUC (for example: NUC5i3RYB) specifies that it has a Intel® Core™ i5-5250U processor. That processor is not listed in the xenserver cpu comparability list. Nor do I believe any of the NUC processors are listed (admittedly I did not check every version). Xenserver compatible cpus are listed here: http://hcl.xenserver.org/cpus/ Intel NUC spec sheets are listed here: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/boards-and-kits/000005545.html I'm actually in the process of buying a new computer, and specifically I wanted to know if the AMD 9 series chip set and cpus are compatible. (http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/chipsets/9-series#) ...thanks in advance
  4. Hello fellow hake forum fans, I recently set up a xenserver on an intel nuc, and have a few VMs up and runnning. Right now all 4 VMS show up on the network using the same ethernet NIC and have different ip addresses, which is great and my home hack lab is almost complete. YAY! except my dreams have been a little crushed. I wanted to use this little portable hack lab in a demo at work on exploiting various windows machines on a network with metasploit thus gaining meterpreter sessions. Its not a complete show stopper, but i wanted to demo how one could get access even to a users webcam. Problem is, the VMs don't have web cams right. So while i was waiting for my nut to arrive, i prematurely grabbed a few cheap $5 usb webcams from micro center. The cams work right out of the box on both my realworld linux and windows machines, but it seems i can't do usb passthroughs to VMs on XenServer, accept for usb storage devices. I am wondering if anyone else using xenserver has managed to get anything working like this. The idea was to plug in a few usb web cams and assign them to different VMs on my host. I read somewhere that it may be possible with usb over network but the devices i have found for that seem to expensive of a risk. I realize that xenserver is open source so i guess i was hoping someone made a plug in for this. I gather another option would be to use a different hypervisor rather than xenserver. but i don't feel like paying for ESXi and had a real hard time trying to build an iso for nuc. none of the tutorials i have seen worked for me. Thoughts?
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