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Hak5 on MassDrop.com


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Currently on MassDrop.com are several Hak5 items including the Bash Bunny, LAN Turtle, USB Rubber Ducky and few others . 

For those who don't know what MassDrop.com is, it is a community submitted group-buy website. Anyone can submit a product or category of products vote on them and MassDrop will contact the community selected product & company and hopefully be able to work out group-buy/discount. 

I say all that to point out there has already been voting going on for "Penetration testing research tool". Currently the Hak5 USB Rubber Ducky is in the lead with ~333 votes. Once the poll reaches a total of 500 votes MassDrop.com reaches out. The current polling results can been seen here. The poll is currently @ ~455 votes so it only needs ~45 more. 

So go vote! 

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