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Using new OS firmware...


OpenWRT or DD-WRT?  

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Which one should I choose? I have a Belkin F5D8230-4, and I'm thinking of either OpenWRT or DD-WRT. If anyone has the same router (which I doubt), tell me about your experiences, but still, if you have either firmware, tell me about how well it works, how easy it was to install it, etc.

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I'm confused. I thought these firwares could only be used by the Linksys WRTG-54G....

I got one of these routers/switchs/AP but it sleeps inside its box. There is dd-wrt in it. I think I coudn't use open-wrt because of my original firmware so I had to use dd-wrt which was really easy to install.

Assuming you can use tese firmwares, you should try to go to open-wrt first. I think it's more powerful than dd-wrt.

If you can't use open-wrt, dd-wrt is still a good firmware, much more better than the linksys firmware. There are much more possibilities. For me it was like having a new equipment in my hands.

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