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airdrop-ng on Raspberry Pi 3


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hi i'm recently trying to make the deauth tool using pi 3. but with no luck. I installed/compiled everything like lorcon, libnl-dev, libnl1 and pylorcon. but with no luck. I always get this error.

Unable to get driver
Interface wlan0 does not exist

Airdrop-ng will now exit
Sent 0 Packets

Exiting Program, Please take your card wlan0 out of monitor mode

I wonder, if anyone could help me out in this case.

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1 hour ago, Giantfire said:

It says mode is monitor and interface is wlan0. 

Doesn't sound like airmon has set monitor mode successfully. If this was the case, the interface would usually show as mon0 or wlan0mon.

Could you post your full command list and output?

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start with "airmon-ng check" by itself. If anything found, run "airmon-ng check kill" then "airmon-ng check" again. If nothing found, then type "airmon-ng start wlan0" and you will see it start and the new name with something like haze pointed out above, like wlan0mon or such. Will show you what it created. Can then run iwconfig to see what it shows for the new device, will say monitor mode. To stop or end monitor mode, "airmon-ng stop wlan0mon" or the name of the new nic ID, then iwconfig again, you will see the original ID back again with mode now set to managed.

Any errors you get from this, post here, as well as dmesg output, might help show issues.

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1.) If you're using the on-board wifi card, that doe snot support monitor mode, get an different NIC (Alfa, TP-Link)

2.) Check your interface configs before and after airmon-ng:

airmon-ng start wlan0

Your interface name may have changed from wlan0 to wlan0mon after taking on the monitor mode you just initialized.

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