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  1. So, one thing that I have ran into lately is extremely large networks. Often its a network that I am pretty sure is used to just deter networking scanning and host discovery. Does anyone have any advice for scanning networks this size?
  2. #!/bin/bash ifconfig wlan1 down ifconfig wlan2 down ifconfig wlan3 down exit 0
  3. 1.) If you're using the on-board wifi card, that doe snot support monitor mode, get an different NIC (Alfa, TP-Link) 2.) Check your interface configs before and after airmon-ng: ifconfig airmon-ng start wlan0 ifconfig Your interface name may have changed from wlan0 to wlan0mon after taking on the monitor mode you just initialized.
  4. I recently decided I was sick and tired of using my laptop to wardrive and needed something more portable. I decided to take one of my pi3's load the Kali arm image and went mostly off of this tutorial. The pi has been set-up to start the wifi on boot and not wait for sign-in which, this tutorial does not provide. However the problem is the headless nature of the project. I started writing a small shell script that basically starts gpsd in the background, verifies successful initialization with $?, then puts wlan1 into monitor mode with airmon-ng, and from there, I need to start a headless instance of Kismet. This is where I am having issues. Kismet almost always refuses to run in the background, I run kistmet_server -i wlan1mon -t <logname> -s and it still populates data in the foreground and when I close the terminal so that I can just throw the pi in a bag and go on my merry way, it stops functioning/logging. Any ideas?
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