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Dell Ultrasharp


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I am currently looking at two different monitors from Dell right now:

E207WFP 20-inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor



2007WFP Wide-Screen Black Flat Panel Monitor, LCD w/ Ultrasharp


The only real difference between the two is that one has Ultrasharp and the other doesn't. I need to know if it is worth spending $110 extra for the monitor with Ultrasharp. I will primarily be using it as a monitor for my gaming machine.

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Go here:


In the blue box on the right, click 'more details'. You get a pop-up.

In the pop-up, select the two monitors and click Compare in the top-left corner.

Main differences. The E207WFP is...

$180 cheaper

less assurances on the brightness throughout the screen.

has FAR less connectivity options, but since it's for a computer you only need DVI, and that's of course on there.

a much lower response-time.

slightly larger screen size.

narrower viewing angle.

no USB ports.

Oh, and it's called Google. Try it sometime.

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