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Regarding Safely Ejecting


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Hi everyone,

Just had a quick question to everyone. How good are you about unmounting and ejecting your bunny? I've heard a lot about doing so when leaving arming mode, but is it still recommended when you run some sort of actual storage payload? I feel like that really gets in the way when it comes to a lot of payloads.

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It's true it gets in the way, having to safely eject. However, you can get away with not safely ejecting it once/twice before you have to scan the Bunny (it'll pop up saying "Hey, scan the Bunny, it looks corrupted") and safely eject it after that. Not exactly recommended but I haven't had problems doing that.

In terms of payloads, if it is a Powershell payload you can make a self-ejecting Powershell script/code to be run at the end of your Powershell script. I have it in my Powershell scripts in my 'Slydoor' payload (in my signature). You're welcome to have a look (they are commented scripts).

Hopefully that helps you out a bit. :)

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