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  1. Hi everyone, Just had a quick question to everyone. How good are you about unmounting and ejecting your bunny? I've heard a lot about doing so when leaving arming mode, but is it still recommended when you run some sort of actual storage payload? I feel like that really gets in the way when it comes to a lot of payloads.
  2. Hello everyone, Just about ten minutes ago my bunny got stuck. Now when I plug it in, regardless of switch position, I only see a solid green light. I don't see storage or serial, nor any other mode from any of my payloads. I've tried forcing a restore, but it never actually works, I never see the red light. What should I do? is it just best to try and get an RMA? Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, Don't mean to bother this time around, but this time I really have a weird issue. It appears that the storage partition of my bunny has become corrupted in some way. For one, I have had files become corrupted individually, specifically those gotten from the USB exfiltration payload. The bunny also appears read only to my linux machine, and even worse is the fact that deleted files are coming back to my bunny. Yes, you read that right. Is the Bash Bunny using some CoW filesystem or something? I've tried to add and test a new payload, and I copy the payload.txt and the readme.md, over the old payload.txt (without a readme file), and it works. However, as soon as I plug it back in, the only payload there is the old one, and the readme is gone as well. Has anyone dealt with anything like this? Should I format it in windows? Forcing a reset hasn't worked for me yet.
  4. Fixed For reference, to those buying a new bash bunny, you do have to actually flash the latest firmware. It's not just "more features", as half of the features in your average script require a new firmware.
  5. I just got my Bash Bunny yesterday and have had nothing but issues. After trying quick creds and a few other payloads, and having none of them work (responder is located in /tools/responder) I've given up. Forcing a reset hasn't worked so far either. In addjtion, editing the payload.txt doesn't actually save. I'll save the file, and the plug in the bunny again, and the file will revert to what it was before the save. Has anyone else had this issue?
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