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Make my Tetra into my home AP


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Hello you lovely people.


My venerable Archer C7 died, and well the Tetra is a stonking piece of kit.


I've tried to set it into essentially AP mode, with limited success. I'd love to have both the 2.4 and 5 Ghz radios running my wireless network, and I'd love it to be using my pfsense box for all it's dhcp. I've made changes in the /etc/conf/dhcp but with limited success, and was wondering if perhaps you lovely folks could help out your local EU reseller?

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I searched for openwrt as access point and that's probably the information you would want to follow to get to that point.

These two look like the most probable directions to take:




I haven't tried them myself, but since the tetra is openWRT based they should work the same...may cause issues with the modules though, but depends on what they depend on.

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