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Minimized infusions broken

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I have minimized several infusions and now they will not come back to the interface. Configuration is one of them so I cannot factory reset the pineapple. Trying to SSH in fails with permission denied. Is there a fix for this issue? How can i restore the infusions so they are accessible?

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Found this; so I am factory resetting now. Hopefully this solves the issue. If anyone knows what is going on please do reply.:

You can use the DIP switches to perform a factory reset but it sounds like you may be using the wrong switches or not using the correct procedure. Try this:

NOTE: With the switches facing you, they are ordered 1 - 5 from left to right.

1) Power off your Pineapple.

2) Place your DIP switches in the following sequence:

Switch 1 - UP

Switch 2 - DOWN

Switch 3 - DOWN

Switch 4 - UP

Switch 5 - UP

3) Power on your Pineapple

4) Wait 5 minutes just to be safe and power off again

5) Place all of your switches back in the up position again and power on.

You should be good to go. Just connect via ethernet or Wifi, login to the web interface, and create a new password.

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