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ssh tunneling.


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Okay, crash course in SSH Tunneling, and Im assuming you know how to use putty.

Under the SSH>Tunnels tab:

Source Port: This is the port that you will connect to from the local host. (ie 8080)

Destination: This is the host ip and port on the remote machine. (ie

Under the Session tab:

Host: This is the host ip you are going to connect to. (ie somewhere.net)

Port: This is the port the SSH/Telnet server is running on.

Once you type all this in, you can save the info by typing a name under Saved Sessions then clicking the save button.

Okay, so the above you will allow you to connect to a the FTP server on tunneling all traffic over port 8080.

After you click Open on putty, you should see a plain Jane console prompt ~

Now you can open your favorite FTP client and connect to and this will tunnel traffic to

It's a lot to grasp at first, but once you get it, you got it and it's pretty simple.

Few things to note:

- The Session tab is where you are making the outside connection to the SSH server (from your ip to the remote ip).

- The SSH Tunneling tab is where you have made the connection and now you are going to connect to ports (you need to use the remotes subnet if it is behind a router or some other nat device).

If you have any more questions just ask, and if you cant get it to work, step out what you are doing here and Im sure someone can guide you through it.

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thanks guys thats helped me out but im confused still as to what to run where

ok... my situation...:

im a technician and work for a school (in uk) we have all of our ports blocked by our educational provider. i have a pc at home which is a server and is connected to my home internet.

do i runn putty on this ?! or another service?

(sorry about the noobish-ness but im relatively in-experienced and trying to learn!)


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Got a video for you:


The first part show a Linux client, skip ahead and you will see how to do it with Putty.


OMG irongeek , since when have you been on here ? :P

haven't seen u on here before :D

(hell i even barely see you on the binrev forums ....)

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