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Nano Issues


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Recieved nano 2 weeks ago April 2017

I am having odd behavior running 1.1.3 on my nana via the UI

  1.  "Please start PineAP and try again" when trying to deauth
  2. Go to PineAP set options, click save 
    1. goto recon tab, scan
      1. add pools to PineAP
    2. go back to PineAP tab and options are not what set like - Beacon Response and Broadcast SSID Pool are no longer checked.

Tried resetting factory via holding back button for 7 seconds - get same issues.


Any thought as so far GUI has not been of any use, thinking of re-flashing firmware but waiting for replied


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how are you powering the nano.  I ask this because a lot of problems with the nano can be traced back to the amount of power provided

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