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Was stuck on read only, now wont show up


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First thing im gonna say is that i know i made many mistakes and that why im in this situation. So first mistake is that i downloaded the payloads to a separate folder off the bunny. then i added the bunny tap payload to the second switch. i didn't change any of the scripts or attack modes. i plug the bash bunny into my linux pc and nothing happened. so i take it out switch it to arming mode and bam the bunny is stuck on read-only. i tried to do a forced recovery a few times. the first time i plugged the bunny in after the recovery it gave a lock icon to all the files in the bunny and still keeped the bunny tap files in the second switch location. i tired the recovery the second time and now it wont mount and show up in my connected devices. I have no idea where to go from here.

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i plugged in my bunny into my windows system, windows then said how there was an error and how it would like to run repairs i said yes. unplugged then replugged and bam it mounted. first thing i did was remove all the bunny tap payloads. i then plugged it back into my Linux machine and it fully works again.

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Hi Lunch,

Now that you are up-and-running again, I suggest you update to firmware 1.1. Once you have done that, serial / ssh in and execute the following command: "reformat_udisk". This will make sure it's properly set up and formatted for all systems.

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