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Hey, I use these and Powerview from Empire.  You might want to take a look at that project for some scripts if you want to re-engineer some scripts for the BB.


PS scripts that it sends to agent are in the data/module_source folder.  I contribute to this project whenever I can beat someone else to the punch with an idea.  :-P


Anyway.  Real question I have for you is if you can re-purpose those powerview scripts to return only what is exploitable, it would probably be awesome to use in the system I am working on for the BB.  Launch as non-admin, find if here is an opening to escalate, if so the send for the explouit from the server.  Fire exploit to launch stager for stage2 agent.  I gave away another feature I will be adding later on to the system now.  Ability to use first agent to fire exploit and if succeeded will pull stager2 agent now that can have different jobs than agent 1 for escalated processes.  I need to focus on the first iteration...must stay focused.


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