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BashBunny Leds issue


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Okay. So I just got my bash bunny today and the LED lights were working a when I got it (amber, yellow, purple, blue) But now the payloads "run" and the only led light that works is Green for when I plug it in arming mode. It will not turn other colors.

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LED Status

Green (blinking) -> Booting up

Blue (blinking) -> Arming mode (ready for USB or whatever)

Red (blinking) -> Recovery mode (DO NOT UNPLUG!)


Blue and Red happen after boot-up. Does it flash green or just stay green? 

If you plug it in Arming mode (closest to the USB end) it should flash green for a bit, go off for a few seconds and come back on with a blinking blue light (might go solid as well).

If you plug it in Switch 1/2 it will do what the payload has set the LED light to be. 99% of payloads have details on what colours mean in a readme.txt or readme.md in the same folder as the payload. Or you can look at the payload.txt and see for yourself.

For more details, go here.

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4 minutes ago, Bryfi said:

It used to which is what is throwing me off. Now it just blinks green once then turns off. I tried factory reseting (in and out 3 times) no results. No red light

Be patient. At boot up it blinks green once/twice and then seems to turn off. After a few more seconds it will start flashing blue for a second per flash.

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Nothing. Just one green light. Switch is in arm mode. I have checked multiple times and switches. Same green light. Only payload that runs is nmapper and it used to flash yellow. Now I get nothing but the payload "runs". Like its executing blindly

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What computer and OS are you using?

Could be your PC isn't giving it enough juice for some reason :P

Although, my phone happily boots up the Bunny...

EDIT: Try a different USB port. Preferably a USB 3.0 (usually has a blue plastic bit in the middle of it). Sounds like your USB port is a bit fiddly and it's tines are bent.

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