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Pure Pwnage Case mod


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I the next few hours I'm going to be starting my PurePwnage case mod.

It's going to be mostly red, with some black accents.

I'm going to be putting in the window shortly, and was looking for some advice on what I should use.

-Jeremy pwning something (On the OMFG STFU shirt)

-PP logo

-Or the No Noobs sign?

I'll be uploading pictures as I go, though it will be quite slow.

I can't paint until it gets warmer.

Edit - Woo! Joining the Gamer Army. Now that's gonna be a badass email!

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Fuckin' snow. Been to cold to paint.




So... I did alot more than planned body work.

Pictures of today's work -

Hacked up the front of the case


Removed the rails and the HDD cage to allow clearance of the Rad.

I'll be screwing the HDD onto the bottom of the 5 1/4 bays



Cut up bezel with the first few coats of body filler


On the case


I ended up trading my 6800 for some water cooling gear.

Edit - Forgot to explain what I'm doing.

I'll be using plexi to secure the rad in that open area at the bottom.

The entire open bezel will be meshed up,

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Well, this isn't going to help you now, but for any one cutting circular shapes in the future use a Compass Jig, http://www.efalk.org/falk/Router/ . It shows how to make one for a router, but it shouldn't be to hard to adapt the design for a dremel.

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