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[Payload] FTP Exfiltrator


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I liked the USB Exfiltrator so much I wanted to try and make one that was able to grab everything and dump it to a FTP site. This way if there are large/many documents it wouldn't fill up the BashBunny. Script is pretty simple, it executes a PowerShell script that clears the run history and then starts uploading the users documents directory. It will keep PowerShell running in the background so if there are a lot of files or large files go ahead on unplug the BB once the status light is green, it will just keep going.

Still new to this and know there will be some bug or errors so welcome any feedback.


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Was wondering if anyone has had any issues with this payload and if you had any feedback. I'm still trying to figure a way to detect if the powershell script fails if its unable to connect to the FTP site. 

Let me know your thoughts.

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Couldn't you ping the website? If that fails then you can make a log file that says 'Couldn't ping FTP' and once the script is done the payload continues, which means you can do a file read in the payload that reads the log file and if it gets returned the string 'Couldn't ping FPT' then you can set the LED to red or something.

Just an idea.

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