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Language porting from rubber ducky to bash bunny


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Just received the brand new bunny, however. From what i can see it does not come with any other keyboard support then US (us.json).

Any ATM for full keyboard support like the rubber ducky has?

Any simple way of porting the language  files from rubber ducky to this?

I did take a look at the HID map to try to map my own xxx.json, i failed when it came to multiple key combination resulting in one output key.

Any specific method to make this process ALLOT easier?

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We (ducktoolkit.com) have ported the ducktoolkit python library and all the languages to a bunny payload that you can install and then use all the languages and syntax available from the encoder.

You can also use this library if you have compiled scripts and no longer have the ducky code that goes with them.


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