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Rogue Access point features not working

Cody Oebel

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I want the pineapple to basically act as a cloned router of a router in my house. So that the PineApple acts just like it was my router so clients will connect to it.

I've done this vaguely in Kali a long while back, but don't quite remember the steps very thoroughly.  I also am not sure .. which  interface is being used in the "Recon" mode , and which one is being used as the dedicated access point for management ? 

Following videos .. I cannot get any client computers in my house to disconnect from my very powerful gaming router a Netgear R6400  could this be why deauth's are failing ??

My entire simple goal is this !    I want to clone\mimic another router so computers connected to it will connect to my faked router clone .. get a page to enter their WPA key and that's it .. using the basic splash page under the Configuration tab .. it doesn't even need to use the Evil Portal module.  I simply want to see a device in my house get forcefully connected to my clone access point thats mimicking my router.  Help is greatly appreciated ! 

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16 minutes ago, Rkiver said:


Lets be realistic..  a total new-comer to this forum or any , never truly reads the TOS .. nor do they quite know the behaviors of the forum and it's moderators or the social behaviors. Some people have severe ADHD and maintaining focus is difficult unless their studying a very focus subject matter .. not skimming over a forum.  Be nice :) I'm new here lol. 

It's pinned.

Also check out the Nano and Tetra forums.



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8 hours ago, barry99705 said:

Yea, but posting in the correct forum is pretty much universal with any forum, not just this one.  It really helps with getting proper/timely answers.

Yes sir, I agree, but on the day I posted this. I was having severe ADHD issues and staying focus on details. Some days are good some are bad for me.

I'll work to improve on my forum habits here, and start ASAP to being a better forum member. Thank you ! 

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