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Stolen Laptop tracking?


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So today I received a call from my Girlfriend who is in Florence Italy for a college trip. She called me telling me that her bag with her kindle and her laptop had been stolen. I know almost nothing at all about hacking or other methods but I have been watching Hak5 for a few months now and I was hoping as much as possible that maybe there was someone or some way to get help finding it soon before she flies home without her laptop and the rest of her things that occupied the bag. right now i have very little on her computer to have a way to access it because if I could at least be able to get the IP address I would give that to the police though that isn't very reliable. Please if anyone has any advice due post it here (nothing aggressive for me not being the brightest in this matter, i just want to do everything possible before i tell her i cant get it back for her.)

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I honestly don't know, I know it's a newer laptop that she had i dont know if there is anything like prey or anything else. One thing  know which has been what i have trying to get her up from if it turns on is one drive but other than that i dont believe so, do you have any other advice? Also any recommendations for future possible encounters to this problem such as things that don't rely on the actual windows account to be logged into?

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What might be easier, and not 100% sure on how kindles work, but if like Android devices, that let you add apps from a desktop on the app store, maybe you can select a tracking app and it will install on the Kindle when they boot it and get online. It's a stretch, but something to look into. However, you may have to have access on the kindle, to setup the app for remote monitoring, which again, should be done prior to stealing the device. Honestly, don't think there is much you can do, short of de-registering the kindle device/remote wiping it, and in case of laptop, shit out of luck.

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