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Unusable web interface

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Hey all, this is my first post so let me start off by saying your welcome for taking my Hak5 forum virginity. Onward to the point, I fired my alpha (plugged into the tetra) up and into monitor mode so I could do some home based reconnaissance on my network in conjunction Site Survey and PineAP active and mac spoofed to a local network.

I have tried many times to capture a valid handshake on my own network, which should be easy since I set myself up with the OPTIMUM conditions. (having my cell and laptop connected to the network I was attempting to penetrate, using everything from Site Survey to manually doing site survey with terminal commands) and even though it says I've captured valid handshakes rockyou never can crack it and nmap.lst gave the wrong passkey. These are small problems compared to the reason I'm here though, although I mentioned those in case anyone can help with that also.


The reason I'm here is because now when I go to my web interface with the pineapple PCI ethernet connected things don't load correctly. Even after restarting the pineapple and everything. Check it out below



I appreciate whatever help y'all can offer. Also I've scoured the forums and google for answers but mainly can only find unresolved queries or nothing related.




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