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Is this scenario possible ?


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Let's say Bob has a wpa2 wifi network at home and usually connects to it for access internet with his phone.

Let's say I would be able to know his wifi password (because I asked him politely).

Could I then create an evil twin network with pineapple, where bob would automatically connect to, when he would go out for diner near my pineapple ?

Am I missing something ? Is this possible ? What modules would I need ?


Other scenario. Let's say I have a very quick physical access to bob's home computer and configures my rubber ducky to make his default wifi to my evil twin (same name) and forget the real one.

Then Bob would use my wifi twin on an everyday basis, until he figures out ? Could he only figure it out ? Could I do this without triggering avs and stuff ? (Regular windows 7/10 pc)



Could your 2 devices accomplish those two scenarios ? For educational purpose only obv.




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If you recreate a wifiAP with the same name and same password in theory it will auto connect when close by.  My router did after I had to reset it with a firmware update.   But that doesn't mean it will work for all routers.  And Following "bob" around with a pineapple to do whatever it is you want to do more sounds like one of those no no things to do unless bob is your friend and bob is willing to participate in the experiment.  With the Ducky.... thats just illegal if bob doesn't know.

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