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Compile john the ripper


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Hi all

FIrst time poster on these forums

I am having some trouble compiling john-jumbo1.8 in order to be able to use the rar2john tool in order to crack a password protected rar file.

It compiles but then in the list of rm -f it removes rar2john because it could not compile I'm guessing but I have no clue where to go from here.

Trying to do this on Linux mint.

I only need the rar2john tool or any tool similar that will be able to atleast get the hashes for me. 


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I just built bleeding-jumbo from github and I've got rar2john, it is a symlink to john:

src $ ls ../run/*rar* -al
lrwxrwxrwx 1 robin robin 4 Feb  8 12:11 ../run/rar2john -> john
src $ ../run/rar2john
Usage: ../run/rar2john <rar file(s)>

If you want to diff our configures, here is mine


If not, try the current source from github and see if that works.

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Also managed to get that one working. Dont know why the hell the 1.8 jumbo doesnt work but atleast now i can get cracking thanks for the help.

Also saw that while using bleeding-jumbo that there is an INSTALL-UBUNTU in the docs file that also explains how to compile it from github with some other options

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