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I hate to sound like an incompetent newbie, however the videos out there seem to be very dated and I am looking for some help.  I have tried to get the Module WPS to work.  I believe I got the basics running and my Tetra start flashing like crazy on the 3rd light which I believe means it is trying to brute force into the access point.  Where are the logs?  How can I tell if it is active and what progress we have made.  If close or your window times out and you reconnect to the modules page it wants you to start the config again.

I am not newbie to wireless, however I am a newbie to trying to crack it and break it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated and if anyone knows an individual looking to do some consulting on both this and the turtle please PM me.

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Modules are made by community members and most of them will have an Output or Capture or History tab at the bottom of the module.  And you can select to have it auto-refresh with an on-off button.  These will stay there till deleted. You can also download the Log Manager from the module page to have it show you all your logs from any module you use, Which is different than the  default Logging tab underneath Tracking.  (this logging is for the system and PIneAP etc). To help combat the closing of windows and stopping a process, open another tab to mess around on.  

Also WPS is for the most part outdated and most companies (tp-link, netgear, motorola, etc) have a more advanced WPS option on there routers.  You can also SSH to the pineapple and run the commands that way.  The two methods for cracking wps on the pineapple are Reaver and Bully.  Look those up and see how they work so you can get a better idea of what you want to do on the WebUI.    

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