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gsm antenna ? wireless adapter


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guys im still learning  im really new to gsm 1900 mhz   ....my question is and i dont mean to sound stupid  but

if i get a gsm antenna    what wireless adapter or equiptment do i need     example like i have an alfa wireless adapter that i can put into monitor mode

ect  we all know how to sniff traffic on 2.4 ghz  but how do i do the same thing with gsm signals or cdma for that matter i want to be on cell network

like i do  on 2.4ghz  deauth clients so forth  is there an affordable adapter like the alfa  ive been looking but  like i found this one it was like 300 dollars  i just

want a simple way to sniff gsm traffic  and once i get the equiptment what software do i use   ...will aircrack work on gsm network ?  if im unclear wich im sure i am

i will try my best to clarify my question ...just ask     and as always guys thanks in advance   ..i dont know unless i ask

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oh ok so just an sdr   ... ok   cool     ...so u said  i cant actually attack  the network like    aircrack   mdk3  ect ?    thanks  barry   this gives me a better idea 

so basically if im getting this right i can look but not touch   or listen  i should say lol    ive googled this  and ive found some info uhmm  but  the guys are using these really

expensive multi freq  adapter like a huge box with all kinds of antennas lol  but i have yet to find any attacks  like aircrack like i mentioned   but thank u so much again

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18 hours ago, datajumper said:

im sorry just one more question and i will leave u alone  can i   intercept phone calls and   sms   with the sdr  ?  or is that a stupid question ?'


It's a question that most likely won't(shouldn't) get answered here.  I know for a fact TLA's browse the forums.

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