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nmap time frame


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Hi there,


I recently have a project where we made a phyton script that uses nmap for network scanning. It will spawn threads for different type of scans (sS, sU, sF, and sN

We set up a cloud that will run our script and scan around 60 hosts for 20k ports for each scans.

These are different servers with different configuration (all of which will be legally scan).


However, our scans is taking some time (2-3 days) to complete. I would just like to ask if this is normal. I am thinking it is taking a while because we are exhausting ports.

In your experience, how long does nmap usually takes to complete?

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It depends...


Are you in the same subnet or across the internet? Closer is faster

How many ports are open on the remote machine? More ports means slower scans

If you are doing a UDP scan on 20k ports it will take a long time regardless of location

Are you giving any more options or just the s? flag? T4 will speed things up a lot

There are newer versions, but years ago, mad hatter did a similar thing to this to parallelize nmap. He set a lot more flags to control number of machines scanned at once and number of ports. Google parallel nmap and you'll find well tested solutions.

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nmap is pretty thorough and depending on the settings can take a while, but I've never seen one take days. Alternatively, you can try unicorn scan, but the results are not as detailed as nmap and can also miss some ports if you run it at too fast a speed. 

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