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START + R blocked, alternatives?


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I am pen testing a system that has disabled START + R (Windows key and 'R' to bring up run box), I am testing there security from a social engineering point of view and am using a rubber ducky.  Has anyone got any ideas on some alternatives to START + R or any other methods to run powershell with tags from the ducky in Windows 7.

Most ducky scripts (if not all) use START + R to run any programs/commands so any help would be appreciated.


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Is the start menu itself disabled?
Is search on the start menu disabled?

If no to both of those, just do START, then type what you are looking for and CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER will launch it in admin mode if needed.

Another option would be START+E to open explorer and then tabbing your way around that way (either search or address bar to type what you are looking for)

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